Fly so far

Imagine that you are pregnant. You are in the ninth month. You feel an intense pain. You faint. When you wake up you are at the hospital, surrounded by police officers. They accuse you of having killed your own baby. This is the story of Teodora and The Seventeen, the many women accused of murder because of having a miscarriage in El Salvador.

‘Fly So Far’ follows Teodora Vásquez, the spokesperson of the women accused of aggravated homicide and imprisoned in El Salvador for having had a miscarriage. Teodora’s case has become a symbol of the extremism in the criminalization of abortion and the cruelty against women within the Salvadoran system. But also, of empowerment, resilience and solidarity.

Kund: Pråmfilm
Uppdrag: Filmaffisch, filmtexter och pressmaterial inför lansering.